Wednesday 7 September 2016

Yet again, more stairs!

These trial pieces are emerged when I was searching for the stepwell structures of Western India. Their dual nature of providing water and being a place for social gatherings and religious ceremonies mainly for women, attracts me to think about them. I may further this subject matter later in my ceramic work.

High fired glazed stoneware (1280C).  
Tall piece: 19x6x4.5cm
Horizontal piece: 12x7x5cm 

Playing with the forms and the relations between multiple pieces always fascinates me. Changing the way of seeing alters the meanings as well.

Wednesday 18 May 2016

More Stairs

I return to the theme of 'stairs' again and again in my ceramics practice. I love the form, the variability and endless possibilities in addition to the metaphors the culture associates with. Experimenting with the staging gives interesting results as well. 
So some more stairs again :)

Evrim Ozkan Yazici

Slab-built black stoneware, fired in electric kiln (980-1280C). 
Porcelain slip and ceramic stains are used on the surfaces. 

Bisque fired piece in the back:15x15x15cm 
High fired piece in the front: 13x13x20cm

Friday 4 March 2016

Stairs to Nowhere

I love experimenting with stair forms. Staircases fascinate me both literally and metaphorically. Here I am playing with their sculptural quality. 

Stairs to Nowhere, 2016
High fired (1280C). Black stoneware: 25x12x11cm,  

White glazed grogged stoneware staircase: 19x14x11cm