Saturday 14 September 2019

Ariana Museum Pottery Market

Ariana Museum is a real gem in Geneva and it is one of the biggest museum of Ceramics and Glasswork in Europe. It has a special place in my heart, I love to visit every new exhibition, use every occasion to go and admire the old and new works of art.  Its wonderful garden hosts us -the ceramics studios of Geneva- this year in a pottery market as part of Journees Europeennes de Patrimoine.  
Here we are, my latest project DARE stand before the unique facade of the Museum.

DARE is in the Ariana Museum's Garden

Ariana Ceramics and Glass Museum, Geneva

Monday 6 May 2019

Finding Their New Homes

I am so happy to see my pieces find their new homes. It is incredibly rewarding for me to see them blending in their new environments and in conversation with others.


Thursday 4 April 2019

Photos from the Exhibition Hall

Thank you all who came out last night to the opening despite heavy rain! Our exhibition will be open until 14 April 2019. Here are some photos of my work from the wonderful exhibition place, Halles de la Fonderie.

Dare 2019, exhibition view, Halles de la Fonderie, Carouge

Dare 2019, exhibition view, Halles de la Fonderie, Carouge

Dare 2019, exhibition view, Halles de la Fonderie, Carouge

Wednesday 3 April 2019

Exhibition Opening is Today!

Our Exhibition is opening today!  Wednesday, 3rd April 2019, 17:00-20:00

For more details, please check facebook page: Evrim Ozkan Yazici Ceramics 

Exhibition Place:

Halles de la fonderie 
Avenue Cardinal-Mermillod 17-19
1227 Carouge, Switzerland

Opening Hours: 3-14 April 2019

Monday to Friday 14:00-19:00
Saturday and Sunday  11:00-17:00

This is an ancient factory/workshop whose walls are covered with urban street art and grafitti and used for cultural events and exhibitions.
Bus 21 and 11 has a stop (Fontenette) in front of the building. Tram 12 (Armes or Marche) can also be used with a little walking distance.

Monday 25 February 2019

My cards has arrived

Dare 2019

My dear Timucin Ipek not only has designed these cards for my new project DARE, but also had them printed and reached to me all the way from Ankara. If you need a good and quick graphic designer, let me know.

For my last project's cards, check this post: Reflections 2015

You can contact Evrim via email:

Facebook Page: Evrim Ozkan Yazici Ceramics

Pinterest Boards:  
Dare 2019
Reflections 2015

Monday 18 February 2019

From a Different Angle

I won't be able to put these beauties in the exhibition since there are some glaze defects occurred in the kiln I didn't intend. Therefore, they took their places in my rejected work shelf. I admit that there are quite many on that shelf as all ceramists know from hard experience. 

While taking photos, I realised that the light plays so wonderfully with these shiny bronze coloured glaze so I wanted to post them here. Aren't they beautiful from a different angle? Flying? 

Monday 11 February 2019


Grogged stoneware, hand built, glazed, high fired to 1240ºC
For the last two years, with this new work in mind, I have been thinking hard about some words. Dialogue is one of them. An important one. A possibility of a dialogue, suggesting an interaction, a shy invitation for a conversation...  

Friday 8 February 2019

Tribute to my Alma Mater

Well, I was trained as a civil engineer in probably one of the best technical universities, Orta Dogu Teknik Universitesi (Middle East Technical University) which happened to be in a wonderful campus designed in a brutalist architectural style in the 50s in Ankara. 

So I may say, being in love with concrete is in my veins. These pieces you see here are actually clay not concrete but I love them all the more because of their exposed concrete appearance and feeling. They are so simple in their unpretentious honesty yet powerful!

Tuesday 5 February 2019

Black and White

These are the very first pieces in black stoneware which I applied porcelain slip over and play with the surfaces. I love the contrast between these two very different clay bodies and their interactions. 
Sometimes stoneware body rejects the porcelain, so fissures and cracks appear. Other times, they have a better connection, a natural looking bonding occurs. Each piece has become a unique being after this exchange which is than again tested and changed with high fire (around 1240-1280ºC in an electrical kiln).